Happy Wayfaring


johnThis blog began out of my love for writing, coupled with a desire to give voice to the things of the spirit in my life.

I seek to share a unique focus in that I’m not trying to add to the cacophony of religious voices, doctrines, and arguments, of which there is such an abundance and availability. On that level, I don’t think I could compete, nor would I want to.

I’m not an ordained minister, pastor, or a church leader; nor do I hold a theological position or degree. I’m simply a layman, howbeit with an immense desire to know God, our Creator, His Love, and to partake of the spiritual resources available to me.

I have had the unique opportunity to work as a lay missionary most of my adult life, a vocation that has taken me to a variety of countries, I’ve lived amongst a variety of people, and I’ve gained a wealth of experiences, of which I seek to ‘pay it forward’.  And thankfully, I’ve grown spiritually on account of it all.

The level I wish to engage people on is more on a personal one because I find that after all, this is the level at which I find God most at work in lives. My prayer is that you might identify with some of my personal experiences and be benefited. I encourage you in your own spiritual walk and growth to let Christ come to you on your own level and experience and be enriched. He’s so worth it.

Happy wayfaring!


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