A dedication to friends on the celebration of their first child

Surround them with his presence

A part that I was reading in my morning devotions made me think of you both, as well as your new baby girl. I’ll quote from part of the devotional and share a little of why I related it to you below.

The author shares the following:

A profound feeling had come over me when our first child was born. I realized painfully that this incredibly beautiful little creature we had brought into the world was utterly separate from me and that nothing I could do would shelter him from his aloneness in the face of time, events, the meanness of other human beings, his own wrong choices, and finally the decay of his own body and, finally death.”

This sounded so much like what you had shared with me concerning your reaction to your child’s birth.

The author continued:

 “It is simply not within human capacity to care effectively for others in the depths of their life and being or even to be with them in finality—no matter how much we may care about them. If we could only really be with them, that would almost be enough, we think. But we cannot, at least not in a way that would satisfy us. For all of us the words of the old song are true: “You must go there by yourself.”

“That would be the last word on the subject but for God. He is able to penetrate and intertwine himself within the fibers of the human self in such a way that those who are enveloped in his loving companionship will never be alone.

 Even our anguish over those dear to us can be completely put to rest when we see they are living in the presence from which nothing can separate them. The final and complete blessing and ultimate good comes to those with lives absorbed in the Way of Christ—life in the presence of God. The completely adequate word of faith in all our sorrows and all our joys is “Immanuel, God with us!”

–end of author Dallas Willard’s quotations.

Thank God that we as parents have that blessed privilege of giving, of surrounding our little ones (as well as our other loved ones) with the presence that will never depart from them,  that will never be separate from them. We can impart to them ‘life in the presence of God.’

What a blessed assurance then both to our children and to us  parents.

And I know that you as parents will do your best to impart that to your little one: All the best in your parenting.  I guess you can consider this our dedication for your daughter as  you celebrate her life.

Take care


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