Unexpected follow-up opportunities

Being a Christian lay minister I interact within a network of personal contacts, associates and friends. I had earmarked the day for follow-up of several contacts; only my follow-up occurred in unexpected ways.

An elderly neighbor & dear friend, phoned me first thing in the morning as I was nearing the end of my devotions in prep for the day, to say she had some figs for me off her tree and asked if I would like to come and get them. I knew this was her way of saying that she needed some company. Interestingly, I had been praying for the Lord to help me to remember to take time in my schedule to drop by and see her; only I wasn’t counting on that ‘remembering’ being necessarily today. But I decided to just yield to the situation and so I spent the greater part of the morning visiting with this friend which turned out to be a sweet time of friendship and opportunity to address some of the deeper spiritual needs she expressed.

After finishing my visit I was still eager to get out and follow-up but I was also waiting for a certain booklet expected to arrive in the day’s mail which I had promised to then pass along to one of my contacts  I expected to see. In the meantime I decided to utilize the time by catching up on some writing I was in the midst of.  I was able to complete two main pieces that were outstanding with me in the relatively short time available to me, one of which was a letter of dedication to friends, a dear couple celebrating the birth of their first child. I was certainly satisfied with this outcome: In effect I had followed up my second contact via this simple act of sitting down alone in my room and taking the time to write what I needed to.

I also multiplied the effects of my writing efforts in two other ways; one, I posted one piece on this blog (see the post, ‘A dedication to friends…’) , and, two, I sent in a copy of the dedication letter to a publisher I’ve worked with, as I felt it held value as reference piece.

I never did get out the door to do boots-on-the-ground follow-up, but I had certainly accomplished 3 objectives in one: 1. I had indeed been able to successfully follow-up three contacts whose welfare had been on my heart 2. I had connected  with each in meaningful ways 3. I had been able to further the scope of my work.

I ended up helping on meal prep back at home as my oldest daughter was  arriving for a weekend visit. What a day! Sometimes, with the Lord’s help and direction, I feel as if I can reach the whole world from my little office-room desk.


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