Something new: A change in my posting

Its been awhile since I’ve been able to post something and that’s my problem: Believe me, its not for lack of desire to do so or lack of something to say.

And so I wanted to try something at this point and that is that I plan to publish future posts in rather a quick and rough format and then hopefully publish the polished or finished version of the post at a later date as I’m able to do so. (I’ll mark a post as either being in ‘rough’ form or as being in ‘finished” form.)

And the reason I wish to start doing this is simply due to time constraints: There never seems enough time to write all that I wish to.  I’m realizing that if I wait until I’ve got something I wish to say all polished and finalized it may never get to you and in the meantime what was fresh and new becomes rather old hat while I’ve moved on to something even newer and probably on a whole different subject.

And so, please bear with me as I experiment with this. In the meantime you are welcome to comment on any ‘rough’ posts hereafter and that alone will compel me to get out the finalized version asap. Happy wayfaring!


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