Dinos in my backyard

dino 4-or, how dinosaurs got their wings
(I just could not not write something in response to the recent spat of articles tracing the supposed evolution of birds from dinosaurs. Here it is:)

I guess they must be winging it,
because they really are a slinging it.
Such ‘widely accepted fact’,
Say they, is just that and no other.
So brother,
We’ll brook no other opinion
than theropodic* pinion!”

So, yes, that must certainly be why they’re turning up in my backyard,
Flitting, flying, pecking, eyeing; each his own celestial bard.
Of whom I get no end of pure delight,
Each such tiny personality, rendered pure in color bright.

But yet it’s starting to bear in me a bit of credible distinction,
yet one more chapter in the story of seeming extinction,
This Archaeopteryx* or is it, Eosinopteryx  opinion?
How all those ‘saurs’ of long ago,
took to wing, took to song,
Becoming ‘soars’ though rather long.

I can just now picture how it must have been,
Dino’s old falling from the skies,
Landing headlong, so many, just smushed pies.
All those ‘test flights’ of those that didn’t make it
It was like crash and burn, “Heh, it’s now your turn!”
Bug-splat, big-splat, dino-splat, then—worms.

Then finally one or two must have pulled themselves together
And finally grew a feather
Amidst some yonder heather.
Cause here they come flying high in the skies,
Robins, ravens, starks and dovekies to name but a few
An endless array of sizes and shapes, colors and hues.

I’m told it’s all in the wrists,
Or, perhaps it’s the twists?
But make no bones about it,
These evolutionary babies are shaking up the family tree
Vying for that big-wig twig spot where they’ve came to roost.

As for me,
I’m happy I don’t have to duck,
Incoming dinos at two-o’clock
And speaking of birds, of ducks that waddle,
of my tale I’ll no longer dawdle,
When I see a creature that flies like a bird
And flits like a bird and sings like a bird,
 I call that creature a bird.’
A one-of-a-kind creation
Not some dino insinuation
–Sorry Archaeopteryx and all!
Now back to my visiting songbirds enthralled.

* theropods-a group of dinosaurs that our modern birds supposedly evolved from.
* Archaeopteryx and Eosinopteryx-species of dinosaurs that vie for the distinction of being the “first bird” on the evolutionary tree.


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