Christianity 101 and scriptural tidbits

christianityThis post concerns a couple of short items with links to other material. 1.For some time  I’ve wanted to create a blog category on the subject of Christianity, to try and help others see what it is and what it is not, as there exists so many built up traditions and prejudices, resulting in people accepting such unfortunate misconceptions in place of the reality. And so I’m creating that category now which I’ll call ‘Christianity 101’ and under that category I’m going to start posting, at first short quotes and excerpts, and hopefully, latter on more lengthy articles. The idea here is to try and boil the subject down to its essence. Here is the link to my first Christianity 101 post. Please think about it


job2. I had to chuckle as today I was reading Job chapters 15 & 16, in which Job is  going through an extreme crisis physically, spiritually, emotionally and  morally. And in the midst of this crisis he states the following:

“I was living in peace, but God took me by the throat and battered me and crushed me. God uses me for target practice.” Job 16:12  [GNT]

It’s so easy to be overcome by the crisis, the difficulty we experience, the emotional and physical pain sometimes, that we see God as Job did here, that  God  ‘uses me for target practice’. Ever felt like that?  In a sense we may be the ‘target’ of God’s particular working, and/or may be in ‘practice’ (God’s getting us to practice our spiritual abilities and hone them) but you can be sure we aren’t made to be dead  ducks but zeroed in on the ‘live center’ of His will and life for us. I sure don’t want to miss that.


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