Soaking out the tiredness

tiredSo often I’m tired; especially in the evenings, as the days can be so busy, and when I get some time to myself, I cast about in heart, mind, and spirit as to what I should do. Should I: read; for the purpose of soaking myself in God’s word and godly counsel?, read for pleasure?, study to further myself?, pray?, or some other pursuit or entertainment?

Often the tiredness I feel obscures things so,  that I don’t truly know what’s best. But I’m convinced that at such times when I’m tired and weary and ‘think’ I should do something, but don’t really know what, that it’s best for me to just soak myself in scripture and good edifying  devotional material, soak out the tiredness; because that’s exactly what happens: I get in God’s words and I soak out the tiredness. My strength and clarity returns to me both physically and spiritually.

I am convince, that as a person, as a minister in Christ, I am only effective, as I ‘let the Word of Christ dwell in me richly’, or as Larry Crabb recently phrased it, ‘those…who can speak powerfully into the lives of others because they hear Christ speak powerfully into their lives. Therein lays my effectiveness: There out lays my ineffectiveness. If I don’t hear the Word speaking powerfully to me personally, I can’t speak it powerfully and effectively to others. It’s as simple as that.

The flesh and the carnal mind will seek to put a limit on the things of the spirit with such thoughts as: “oh, you’ve spent more than enough time in God’s  word. You need to stop being selfish and get up and do something.” More often than not, the needs and the thirst of the spirit are much greater than the supposing and limiting tendencies of the flesh and the carnal mind.


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