Thoughts, Issues, and Musings through June

musingsIn C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce there is an exchange where a female heavenly spirit exclaims that she is ‘in love’ and doesn’t wish to alter that state, to come out of it in any way. ‘In love’ meaning that she lived in the Spirit, in God’s love and as such, how and why should she ever want to come out of, relinquish such a state. This struck me that being ‘in love’ in our earthly way is but a taste of the ‘in love’ state of the spirit: That high we feel at being in love with an earthly lover is but a foretaste of what we will experience being in love with our heavenly Lover: Its part of knowing the Lord and being His lover, His bride. We are going to live in a permanent state of being in love:


The carnal mind has a way of magnifying the sins of others, while minimizing its own


It’s so important to have faith in the personal leading of the Holy Spirit within. I would say this is one of the greatest areas of ‘sins of omission’. We often fail to heed the leadings of God because we doubt it’s really the Lord’s voice speaking to us. I would say that this has been one of my greatest personal failings: How much didn’t happen, didn’t get accomplished; how much could have been, had I followed in faith.


I finally realized where the biblical character Peleg (in his days was the earth divided) fits in. Peleg is living within the time period of the first 100 years after the flood. As such the cataclysmal effects of the flood were still ongoing. As I’ve learned from In The Beginning by Walt Brown, the occurrence and the effects of the flood were not whimsical nor gentle; they were a chain of cataclysmic, earth-changing events.


This past month saw the issue of transgenderism come to the fore. I was particularly impressed by Cathleen Parker’s article Jenner’s coming-out party…, which I thought she handled brilliantly; neither taking sides nor attacking individuals. Instead she points out the medias misplaced role (over-stepped role ) in the whole affair and points at the underlying issues and motives as to what’s really the problem. She says:

“What concerns me here is the cultural, primarily media, treatment of the Jenner case in particular — and the assumption that we all need to be a part of this.”

And ends her article with the observation that we are being ‘cued’ by the media as to what our response should be.

Well, regardless of which side of the spectrum one happens to be on in this particular issue, I pity today’s teenagers. It used to be that the difficulties the average teen faced was acne and an equally painful inferiority complex, now it’s their very identities which are at stake, coupled with the now- possible sex-change operations, with the heavy caveat that ‘there’s no going back.’


The present social attitudes are more and more this intense antagonism towards mainly Christian belief and stance, but inclusive of and directed at other Orthodox beliefs as well.  The reason being that the faith manifest via such orthodoxy; serves as the voice of conscience to the rest of the society: No wonder there is so much hatred directed towards such.


I have this local antagonist; a guest columnist for a local newspaper, who, though  I’ve never personally met, I can’t help but take exception to the secular-humanist diatribe that she delights to espouse in her semi-regular columns, diatribe couched as this ultra enlightenment transcending all other. The scripture that comes to me concerning her is the following:

Every wise woman builds her house: but the foolish plucks it down with her hands. (Proverbs 14:1)

It’s somewhat akin to ‘biting the hand that feeds you’. Let me explain.

Those who take such inflexible positions regarding the supposed superiority of secular free will and intellect over the spiritual, over more faith-based positions, and who indeed view the other as the problem holding back society, all too easily and readily forget that it was the very men and woman of the past, adopting and enacting their faith that paved the way for much of the freedom of thought, will and action that we enjoy today. Without them and their enacted faith, we wouldn’t’ have the freedom that is being prostituted today.

Are not such heady secularists biting the hand that feeds them?—deceived by the very god they worship—their own intellects. Are they not foolishly plucking down the very house they espouse to cherish? Contrary to the bill of goods being sold, none would have the freedom and ability to do so had it not been for the underpinnings and girding laid down via the people and faiths that they love to decry.


It really cracks me up when you realize that holiness humbles, contrary to what secularists imagine and the pseudo-holiness example set by the puritanical crowd.  It’s the unexpected corollary. Far from producing a self-righteous puritanical bent, holiness humbles. Although I knew it, I never mentally made the simple correlation before, and when you do so, it’s so obvious, so true.


I needed to buy a new pair of work shoes and couldn’t decide exactly what I wanted in my search of  the last couple of weeks; as well, I didn’t want to spend the $80+ that was pretty much the going rate for a typical pair. And, so I decided to wait to see it any sales occurred. Well, I was rewarded because Sears was having; of all things, a Father’s Day sale on work shoes and boots and I got a great leather pair for under $40, which was the amount I had over from birthday gifts. What a beautiful little miracle of the Lord’s love and care. Often such ‘little’ miracles mean more to me than even the bigger ones and are such sweet reminders of His constant care.


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