The earth is flat

dogmasHas mainstream modern speculative thinking got you flat?

I’m writing this as a sequel to my previous post, ‘Wildscape’ experiences & their numinous effects’, as I find my thoughts leading up to and inclusive of that article, haven’t, as yet, played fully out. For another effect of those experiences had been to leave me thinking about how much of mainstream modern speculative thinking is in direct contradiction to God’s revealed declarations of His works and intentions. This glaring contradiction is nothing new of course but what was new was the degree of forcefulness with which this contradiction was impressed upon me. It was like an epiphany to me. It couldn’t be made clearer: There is no reconciling the two, no half way; one is right the other wrong, one is truth, the other is error.

Let me just touch upon three major areas of accepted speculative thinking: Evolution vs. Creation; The generic view of Earth as being just one-of- a-billion other like unexceptional worlds vs. Earth as a unique creation; and, The existence of alien beings vs. humans as sole creations of a Universal Creator. Without getting into a lot of argument, let me just say there exists much   scientific analysis and evidence to support the later side of these comparisons as exists to seemingly support the former side of the comparisons, the real difference is that one voice dominates, one world view is accepted as fact, the other denounced as antiquated, unscientific, (our modern equivalent of the word ‘heretical’) and preposterous.

On the first, that of evolution vs. creation, to witness the geological conditions in the areas I visited (Glacier, Yellowstone & Grand Tetons National Parks) & the surrounding areas of Montana/Idaho/Wyoming was to realize that our present worldwide geological conditions (of which these were but a cross sample), bear the imprint of a catastrophic deluge or flood much more than they do a record of some evolutionary process stretching over billions of years. And the only actual way they could be construed to bear record of billions of years of evolutionary processes is because people have been told, indeed, indoctrinated to see it so.

What exists today is our modern equivalent of ‘the earth is flat’ mentality and teaching of the middle ages. The people of the world then, including the preponderance of the scientific community, all believed that the earth was flat, despite both evidence to the contrary and the truth that was staring them in the face but they couldn’t see it, being blinded by dogma. And if anyone  suggested the earth was perhaps round, of all things, he or she was denounced as a lunatic; indeed could very well lose both life and limb as the most horrible of heretics for having declared such things. But today we now know that the earth wasn’t flat after all, that it was and is the present sphere we see and know today.

This led me into yet more related lines of thinking. God in His word makes very clear that our earth is a unique creation amongst all of his creation. That, while there are untold universes and galaxies and celestial bodies and wonders of all descriptions and beyond descriptions out there, yet, the Lord very plainly says that of all these Earth is created for very specific purposes and functions, and that He is accomplishing something of universal effect and significance through it. And yet current scientific thought and conjecture would have us believe that there is nothing of any particular significance about earth besides the fact that we inhabit it and don’t ‘yet’ know of other such existences:  We are told that we are  just one-amongst-a-billion other such worlds. How flat does that make you feel? Want to knock the glory and wonder out of life, out of existence?—hang on to that handle for a little while and you’re well on your way to the muck and mire of futility.

And lastly this outward turning of thought lends itself to the third and final comparison: Are humans divinely created beings or are we just one particular race of people among thousands of other yet to be discovered alien races?

So, who and what are you going to believe?

You know the wonderful thing about Truth is that it can stand both infinite attack and infinite scrutiny. Put it under a microscope, peer at it through a telescope, examine it to the nth degree, choose to ignore it, contradict it, deny it, try to change it, it makes no difference, it will still be there, like the proverbial cork that bobs up in the ocean, staring you in the face: it’s not going away.

And so, I personally welcome 10,000 Hubble Telescopes, space explorations, and scientific discoveries of all kinds. I don’t think you’ll necessarily arrive at the whole truth that way; as the complete truth is something that is accepted by one’s total being, a moral decision much more than an intellectual one, but you will definitely learn of some of the infinite wonders that make up, shall I say, this great Universal Truth Package. Just don’t muddy the waters with your earth is flat mentality and mantra, none of that preconceived, predigested clap-trap, when I know it’s much more than you’ll ever know it to be unless you’re willing to let go of your preconceived ideas, tyrannical dogmas and outright error masquerading as enlightenment.



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