Life’s true heroes–Are you a winner or a loser?

heroes-5I see as life’s heroes; and how many multitudes of unseen there must be, those who quietly endure through life, ‘bearing all things’ without a lot of squeak and squawk, making  of ruckus, or drawing attention to themselves. I don’t mean to endure in a stoic sense or manner, as stoicism is really a carnal, natural response to difficulty, however refined in nature and elevated in spirit it may seem. A lot of people go through life with their ‘head bloody, but unbowed’. I don’t mean that kind of approach. But by ‘endure’ I mean to imply the most positive connotations of the word: those who last, bear, tolerate, suffer; those who do so without bitterness, resentfulness, seething anger, or in self-pitying woundedness.

It really is our lot in life as humans to at least suffer somewhat at some time or other; that’s just how it works. But how you bear it, in what spirit, attitude of heart, and frame of mind, makes all the difference in the world, and in my opinion constitutes the difference between a winner and a loser. Jesus Himself said, “he that endures to the end shall be saved.” Matthew 10:22

I must confess that this verse has largely been a bit of a puzzle to me; I don’t purport to ever understand it in its entirety, but it does point to endurance as being a vital component in our spiritual makeup, which obviously also has some sort of blessing attached to its presence. If anything, it means to me that just the fact that we are willing to endure something and see it out until the end, results in our deliverance, our salvation, so to speak, out of or through or because of that situation. In enduring, we haven’t lost that vital part of ourselves that endures, that makes us who we are, and in that sense we are saved.

God seems to have set some things up so that whether you consider yourself a believer or not, if you follow his general guidelines and spiritual laws on some point, they hold true for all. If you fulfill one of His spiritual laws, you are automatically commended for it, period. Just like a certain amount of suffering is inevitable due to the nature of life, fixed commendations are attached to being in sync with his spiritual laws.

Again, I’m not trying to push a doctrine here by any means, if anything I’m seeking to understand the subject a little more clearly. But have you ever considered that the right attitudes you put forth, that you offer up or back in life, constitute a form of prayer, just as much and as certainly as any words or formal prayer you might utter? And, I think they are just as pleasing, maybe even more so. If we’re to ‘go into our closet and pray in secret’ and are told that God ‘sees in secret’, don’t you think He can just as easily behold, see, commend, and hold dear our unspoken hearts and attitudes and they may be just as precious to Him? I believe it’s so. What I know of God’s nature tells me it’s so. How about you? Are you winning or losing?

(End of article)


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