Heh Melchizedek

This is a poem that I played around with and wrote on a recent trip. It came in a kind of tempo ed rhythm. I’m intrigued with the scriptural accounts of Melchizedek, this otherworldly, pretty much inter-dimensional figure, as he appears to pop in and out of time.

MelchizedekHeh Melchizedek
What the heck
What’s that thing you got going?

Walking early in the pages
With the wisdom of the sages
Gifted the first-fruit wages
Are you the Bearer of ages?
You, who Abraham engages,

Roaming the land
A solitary Wayfaring Man
I don’t think it’s just a personal quest
Some kind of Holy attest
Peace and power to those you blessed

You cut a fine figure
Sans the de rigueur*
How are we to figure?

Coming out of nowhere
Or is it everywhere?
All this priestly affair!
I swear!
You, to whom it is to ever care.

Plodding down a lonely road
You stoop to lift and bear the load
Time & eternity can’t keep you out
No show of force, it’s a one-man rout
Grace divine returns its clout

 King of Salem Town
Checking out your ever realm
Bearing no rejected crown
Can’t keep a good man down
Made and Maker in thee are found
I bend the knee, As-Salaam.

* de rigueur- according to strict etiquette


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