Yes, But!

The following portion of a poem that I’ve been playing around with, plus the accompanying article, echo a little technique I’ve begun to adopt in order to escape the pessimistic pit.

Oppression, Depression, Digression, Obsessionpositiveness
Yes, but!
Vanity, insanity, profanity, inhumanity
Yes, but!
Nations, Relations, Aggregations, Sensations,
Yes, but!
Politics, fanatics, dogmatics, all-the-tics,
Yes, but!
Psychology, theology, cosmology, pathology,
Yes, but!
Wealth, dealth, stealth, health
Yes, but!
We have an answer given.

Yes, But!’
-a little technique to escape the pessimistic pit

Having a chance to have prolonged times of conversing and interacting with a variety of individuals of late, I found myself adopting a reactive technique I call ‘Yes, But!’ to many of these conversations. Let me explain.

 If there is one thing that most people like to do, it’s talk. That is fine in itself. I do a fair share of my own. However, one thing I do notice more and more is that aside from the normal amount of small talk exchanged there are a lot of feelings, attitudes, opinions and beliefs that additionally become part of the conversations concerning just about every topic imaginable, from people’s problems (their own as well as other’s), to economics, politics, the state of the country and world, etc. And on the preponderance of these topics I find that people most often don’t have a personal solution or answer to what they are discussing, experiencing or commenting about. As a result the conversations can easily give way to becoming rather negative, hopeless, pessimistic exchanges. I have to consciously watch that I don’t allow myself, in sympathy with those with whom I’m conversing,  to succumb to this  as these ‘no-solution’ outlooks or outcomes are ones I cannot agree with. I firmly believe that we have been graciously given an answer that covers all things.

And so, while I find it necessary to engage in a fair amount of personal feelings, opinions, etc., so that those I’m conversing with understand that I’m either aware of or knowledgeable in an area of discussion, so as not to end up in a pessimistic dead-end, I’ve come to adopt this little technique, ‘Yes, But!

“Yes, so and so might very well be a so and so, and such and such may not be very fair, and this and that might indeed be very wrong, But please know, or let’s remember that we’ve been graciously given a solution that can match and meet every need, encompass and take unto itself every wrong and that there are right, agreeable, and workable solutions or work-a-rounds to situations.”

I find this a much more positive note upon which to leave these conversations. In writing this, I’m reminded of the old adage, “Don’t allow people to pull you down to their level, pull them up to yours.” It’s a lot more comfortable that way.




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