In 52

OT Bible Studies– a series focusing on a personal re-engagement with scripture

In 52 is a series that I began to write as a result of a personal re-engagement with scripture, a re-engagement that continues to this day.

I realized I had grown largely dependent for my spiritual diet, upon the writings of various men and women of God, past and present, which, although good and useful, I wanted a more direct experience, without the human intermediary, a time when it was just me, God, and His Word; with me trusting the Holy Spirit to speak it to my heart. I’ve found it.

The best way I can describe my experience is by using an analogy. It’s similar to the life and growth of a tree that has to set down ever deeper roots both to anchor it, as well as to draw ever more and richer nutrients from deeper down beneath the surface of the soil.

Personal faith, thought and stance all have to go through their own similar processes. It’s something that almost intangible, yet something very tangible, felt in the inner depths of heart and spirit.  His presence has become richer to me because of it which then invites even greater riches.


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